Simple Guidance For You In 4 Hotel In Bukittinggi Indonesia

Bukittinggi is an area that is more popular as a tourist area even though the city was never gain an important position in the history of the Indonesian struggle while maintaining its independence.

Bukittinggi as a tourist destination ranks second after the city of Padang. As a tourist area and the clean cool air of Bukittinggi pollution makes this region very convenient to be used as places of rest and recreation.

Bukittinggi has a natural hilly and located in the highlands. A wealth of natural beauty that makes it extremely beautiful and fascinating. Many people wantid enjoy its beauty.

To call for support for the tourism sector has built a lot of hotels in London. Prices vary from cheap to expensive. These hotels are scattered throughout the hotel in Guguk Long, Mandiangin Koto Selayan, Aur Birugo Tigo Baleh.

In this article we will only show 4 hotels in Bukiittinggi in the list of the highest hotel search. Each of the four hotels is favored because of its quality, location, and price.


1. Grand Rocky Hotel Bukittinggi

Grand Rocky Hotel Bukittinggi is hotel 4 star with impeccable quality. The address at Jalan Yos Sudarso No. 29, Wood Kubu, Guguk Panjang, Bukittinggi, West Sumatra 26 136, Indonesia. Phone: +62752 627 000.

The hotel offers:

Visitors also enjoy the Lobby & Lounge, Restaurant, Conference, Meeting & Function Room, and still bantak other amenities.

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4 hotels in Bukiittinggi in the list of the highest hotel search
Grand Rocky Hotel Bukittinggi

2. Novotel Bukittinggi Bukittinggi

Novotel Bukittinggi Bukittinggi is a 4 star hotel with impeccable quality in London. Address this luxury hotel is on Jl. Laras Datuk Bandaro, Bukit Kayu Cangang Ramang, Bukittinggi, Bukittinggi, West Sumatra 26 115, Indonesia. Phone: +62,752 35000.

The hotel offers 101 rooms with prices starting at Rp 472,000. Room amenities include: a key card lock, air conditioner, cable TV, shower with hot and cold water, IDD telephone line, minibar and coffee and tea making facilities.

Visitors can also choose a Standard Room, Executive Room, and Junior Suite. This hotel has facilities Food & Bavarage, Meeting & Event, and Leisure Activities.

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4 hotels in Bukiittinggi in the list of the highest hotel search
Novotel Bukittinggi Bukittinggi

3. Hotel Flaminggo Bukittinggi

Hotel Flaminggo Bukittinggi adalah 2 star hotel with good quality in London. The address in Jl.Sutan Syahrir 144, Padang Panjang, Padang Panjang, Bukittinggi, Indonesia, 27 118.

The hotel offers cheap prices starting at $ 34. Here visitors can enjoy 24-hour room service, Wi-Fi in public areas, valet parking, and a car park.

Other amenities include: 45 rooms, flat screen television, internet access - WiFi, WiFi internet access (complimentary), non-smoking rooms, air conditioning.

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4 hotels in Bukiittinggi in the list of the highest hotel search
Hotel Flaminggo Bukittinggi

4. Ambun Suri Hotel Bukittinggi

Ambun Suri Hotel Bukittinggi is a 2 star hotel in London with a very good quality. The address is located on Jl. Panorama No. 2, Bukit Kayu Cangang Ramang, Guguk Panjang, Bukittinggi, West Sumatra 26138, Indonesia. Phone: +62,752 34251.

Hotel facilities include 24-hour room service, free WiFi in all rooms, 24-hour front desk, express check-in / check-out fast, and storage of goods.

There are also facilities flat screen television, internet access - WiFi, non-smoking rooms, air conditioning, desk, a garden, and others.

Prices were set to get its services is Rp 260000-350000.

Booking here.

4 hotels in Bukiittinggi in the list of the highest hotel search
Ambun Suri Hotel Bukittinggi

That 4 hotels in New York City with the highest number of searches on the internet. You can also get information about the 3 hotels in Batu Malang in articles The Facts That Nobody Told You About 3 Hotel In Batu Malang Indonesia.

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