The Legend Of Situ Patenggang

Situ Patenggang is a natural lake that is very broad. Located not far from the tourist attractions in the White Craters Ranca Bali-Ciwidey, Bandung, just 3.5 miles. Situ Patenggang charm very powerful attracting visitors from various places in West Java and other areas in Indonesia even tourist abroad too much have come explore these sights. 

Scientifically the existence of Situ Patenggang very explainable. But it has always been a beautiful place usually keep the story and setting are honoured and worshipped. Then the story becomes the story of the hereditary told by people from generation to generation through a long time to form a series of the legendary story. 

That is said tinular (story-mouth) that the old Sundanese Kingdom of Pajajaran during is facing a terrible war that forced two separate loved each other people because the men have to go to war to defend the country. 

Then these two lovers before parting mutually pledge to each other faithfully. The men promised when it succeeded and survived will soon meet the Princess and they will get married. The Princess was so also, he promised to be always faithful love will not turn on the other. Then go up to the guy above who was named Ki Casual leave his girlfriend named Nyai Clement. 

While they are not met, the years have not come also Ki Santang meet Nyai Clement. One day, while Nyai Clement was sitting alone holding longs to liver lover, suddenly Relaxed Ki coming approached. With a smile he ran off his longing to Nyai Clement. 

After meeting finally Ki Santang large lake made at its Center adorned the small island named island of people who would love. It's all as evidence of his Ki to Santang Nyai Clement. Such a short story There Patenggang. 

Welcome to visit There Patenggang Ciwidey-Bandung-Indonesia

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