Full Address Situ Patenggang

It really isn't difficult to find There address Patenggang. When already in Bandung using either airplane, train or other transportation, then we lived towards the southern part of Ciwidey village.

Situ Patenggang is located at Jalan Ranca Bali-Ciwidey, Ranca Patengan Village, district of Bali, Bandung Regency, West Java, Indonesia-40973. Such is its complete address. His mark is there is a crossroads that reads Clement-Patenggang. If we do not want to bother then we just ask to people who were there, surely they know all.

Situ Patenggang is indeed one of the very popular tourist destinations on the West Java. Allure beauty coupled with adjacent to other attractions, such as the exotic White Crater, Ciwalini beautiful, graceful Cimanggu, the newly launched Green Hill, sweeping thousands of hectares of tea garden, and before we could have browsed Alam Endah and other places.

Already become a habit for the young people, especially the moments leading up to the holidays and the new year, to proceed to other attractions in the area South and South Garut, Cianjur's famous tour with its beautiful beaches.

Situ Patenggang offers a natural coolness. Eve's cool this is a very powerful therapy for relieving stress and sumpeknya the mind.

Down each corner of the situ Patenggang by boat or boat duck alone or both or with groups of family and friends is one of the activities that are highly recommended.

A lot of things we can do and we tried. Then agendakanlah to make a visit there and enjoy the friendly greeting Patenggang residents there Patengang.

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