Aston Primera Pasteur Bandung


Located in central city, Aston Primera Paster stand up so gorgeous and magnificent. It’s 4 star hotel in Bandung – West Java offers deluxe accommodation. It is very strategic as near by the best places in Bandung and many other places. All guest rooms offerered beautiful views of the city and central business district. We can do our job and meet with our relation here with comport and safety. Cause beside Bandung is the most safety cities in the world, Aston Primera Pasteur Bandung used 24 security personel for it’s guests. We can do everything by exciting and happy.


Around Aston Primera Paster and its surrounding we can see even visit lovely magnificent places. We can go for a walk find popular places able to continue on take photographs at the heritage buildings and monuments. We able to seeing thrilling scenery, visiting shopping district for buying necessities and many other.


Aston Primera Pasteur have been standing up in Bandung since 6 year. It offers suitable and clean and large rooms. It offers superb service for guests with superb quality. The facilities was ready here like: 24 hour room service, it’s make our activity so easy and near us, bar, business center we can doing our business work and our clients here, parking area, cafe, locker, 24 hour Doctor service, drugstore if we feel something wrong in our health, lift, LAN in room, wifi in lounge, wifi in room, its make us very helped for communication with our relation and take some information and new news from time to time. There are of course karaoke room, laundry, meeting facility, private dinning service, Restaurant, store, smoking room, sundeck, taxi service, tour information, tour, parking service, whirlpool, wifi area, sport facility, etc.. So its quite complete and amazing.


The Places we can visit it:
1. Dragon Palace Chinese Restaurant, we able to relish different chinese menu there with its attraction.
2. Paris Van Java Blitzmegaplex cinema. Blitzmegaplex as the biggest cinema in Indonesia is the breathtaking place which have to visit it.
3. Saung Kabayan built up at 1990. Its Building concept is sundanese traditional house. We can seeing and exploring one of the sundanese cultures beside we able to relish sundanese food taste wich famous with its delicious and trific.
4. Frankurter Hotdog Frankurter Hotdog is a fast food restaurant serviced different fast food

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